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Delvina is very passionate about the activities Across Africa Nature promotes and offers in the market but most importantly to market tourism attractions in Tanzania and East Africa at large. Her management style reflects the participation of the management team. She intends to lead the company to respect its community, treat all employees well and abide to the value of sustainable and responsible tourism. She always endeavors to develop and nurture the company as a community.

She has over thirty years of experience in tour operation management, tour guides, travelling, business management and stellar personalized customer care which assist in the establishment of good networks and strategic partnerships with our clients, our partners, our communities and our environment. She holds a Bachelors degree in Marketing. She has also attended several courses in personal customer care, travel and tourism within and outside Tanzania. She intends to continue acquiring knowledge of the latest developments in the tourism industry.

During her childhood and youthhood years, Delvina lived on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro at Komalyangoe Village on the famous Marangu route attending both primary and secondary schools. This is where she had an opportunity to witness and interact with tourists climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, and that is the time her passion for investing in tourism was ignited. She is always confident that stellar personalized customer care service to tourists and promotion of responsible tourism are possible and they are the greatest assets for Across Africa Nature and Tanzania tourism industry in general.

Delvina’s language competencies include English, Swahili and Chagga. Her favorite animal is Giraffe and favorite safari adventure is encounter with elephants. She enjoys talking and meeting people, and being close to the natural environment.

Across Africa Nature provide affordable safaris, holidays, adventures and tours across Tanzania & Zanzibar Islands. We are committed to making your travel truly life-enriching experience to remember and wanting to do again!

At the heart of Across Africa Nature lies a stellar personalized customer care service. It is the cornerstone of our business and brand. Unlike others, we at Across Africa Nature understand that travelling is not simply visiting but also experiencing. In view of that, our stellar personalized customer care service to you will ensure enjoyment, satisfaction and getting value for your money as we get repeat safaris and referrals from you. At any point of our relationship, we want you to feel valued the way we value you.

Our type of tours:-
Wildlife safaris, Cultural Tourism, Lake & Beach Holidays, Photographic safaris, Birdwatching Tours, Wedding & honeymoon Holidays, Voluntourism, Camping safaris, Business Tourism, Archaeological & historical sites Tours.

Our services cover all your vacation needs in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar Islands, including lodging, tours, transportation, tour guides and everything else to make your stay in Tanzania a truly life-enriching safari experience. This means that we shall customize safari packages to fit every budget, time and preference. We shall advise you where to go, where not to go, where to sleep, what to see according to our own local knowledge, observations and the feedback from our customers.

Spoken languages: English


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